Fundamentals of Materials Science for Data Scientists

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Materials Synthesis and Processing (FALL ME 562)

Course Overview

Instructor: Prof. David Mitzi

Topics Covered:

  1. Basic principles, challenges and opportunities for materials synthesis and processing
  2. Solution and vapor phase film deposition (e.g., sputtering, evaporation, ALD, CVD)
  3. Polymer synthesis reactions and processing
  4. Single crystal growth and bulk synthesis
  5. Metal processing approaches

Learning Objectives

Materials form the basis of most modern technologies, whether referring to energy, data processing, medical/health or consumer product application. While materials properties are central to the application, the techniques used for processing functional materials into films, crystals or bulk form, with carefully tailored properties, is no less important and will form the basis of the class. Additionally, the course will expose students to current materials processing/application research thrusts at Duke.