Welcome to the aiM Program: a National Research Traineeship Program

Materials Genome Vision: to radically transform materials development and understanding
Materials Genome Vision: to radically transform materials development and understanding

Machine learning to accelerate scientific understanding and discovery!

The  Materials Genome Initiative, started in 2011 and revised in 2021, is fueling a paradigm shift from slow individual experiments and computation to the beginnings of data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) approaches in materials science research. However, to achieve the promise of accelerated discovery, design, and application of new materials, the development of a new generation workforce trained at the nexus of AI and materials is essential. 

AI for Understanding and Designing Materials (aiM) is a graduate training program awarded by the National Science Foundation to Duke University that provides students with integrated training for both materials and computer scientists to advance the frontiers of research and training in this new convergent field.

  • It is open to PhD students across the physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, materials science, and engineering.
  • The aiM Program will bring together a diverse array of students and faculty from the core departments that participate in both materials science and data science research to guide students through an integrated curriculum compatible with student's home department guidelines.
  • Students will develop expertise in AI and Materials Science through immersive training that bridges disciplines to deliver convergent research integrated with the development of professional skills and external internships.
  • This program will fill a critical gap in training the next generation advanced manufacturing workforce to develop on-demand materials for vital societal applications across an array of sectors that include flexible electronics, biomedical implants, infrastructure development.

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