Overview of Research Projects

The research in the aiM-NRT will explore an array of possible directions of novel, transformative research at the nexus of materials science and data Materials Science and Data Sciencescience. It will be carried out by centering Ph.D. research theses of the aiM-NRT Fellows around this intersection of materials science and data science.

The overarching goal of research projects will be either discovery or design. In discovery, a project will investigate the mechanistic underpinnings for materials response, which has, to date, eluded researchers using experimental or computational approaches alone. In design, data science will be used to model potential material design space and optimize solutions to achieve novel combinations of properties.

Four example projects are listed under research and include a goal, an approach, and visual representation. These projects represent a small cross-section of possible topics, and with many more to be developed and supported each year.

The 'NanoMine' framework