How to Apply


Training Program Integrating AI/Data Science and Materials Science

Who Can Apply

The aiM training program is open to all graduate students at Duke with an interest in AI/Data Science integrated with Materials Science as well as those whose Ph.D. thesis research lies at this intersection.

To be considered as an aiM trainee applicant, students must have applied to a Duke graduate program of their choice. A partial listing of the participating units is provided below. However, graduate students from any relevant program are eligible to apply. Admission into aiM will be contingent on student entrance into their respective graduate department.

Application Process

The online application consists of uploading:

  1. a short CV (2 pages max)
  2. an unofficial transcript and
  3. brief essay (1-page max) outlining why you are interested in participating in aiM.  
    • If you have experience, working knowledge or unique skills relevant to aiM core areas and training objectives, please specify them in your essay.
    • In addition, please describe your current ideas about your future career plans after completing your graduate degree. 
  4. Finally, applicants should ask their advisor to email a reference letter to Dr. Glenda Kelly at For entering students who have not yet been assigned a Duke advisor please request a reference from faculty from your undergraduate training.

Preference will be given to applicants who submit all application materials by March 15, 2021.

APPLICATION LINK  will be posted here by October 3, 2020.

Links to Participating Units at Duke University (Partial Listing):